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Goat Droppings Oph Wisdom

Narinder Modi is an Indian politician who was born and brought up in India, never visited Pakistan and therefore he is a very familiar and controversial figure among Pakistani intelligentsia and chatterati. The elevation of Narinder Modi as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has elicited a predictable sense of disappointment and outrage among Pakistani citizens. This sense of disapproval and anger seems to be broad based among all sections of the society.

A prominent Pakistani journalist who analyzes Pakistani politics and domestic issues said angrily

“I cannot believe Modi was elevated as PM candidate in India. This demonstrates that BJP is not an inclusive party and does not care about the opinions and the sentiments of Pakistanis”.

His sentiments were echoed by many Pakistanis who felt a sense of betrayal. It is widely felt that Pakistanis who strive for pluralistic, multicultural and secular societies in other countries like India, USA and…

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Such a beautiful and rare art

Creative Mithila

"Girl admiring the bloom in Spring" in the style on Mithila/ Madhubani Paintings “Girl admiring the bloom in Spring” in the style on Mithila/ Madhubani Paintings

Its Spring time in this part of world where I live. I just thought to deviate from the traditional themes to a more contemporary theme.

In this Mithila / Madhubani Painting, Spring season has been highlighted with a Girl amidst the bloomed flowers, in this case highlighting Tulips and Cherry. Although these flowers are concept gifted to the region from Europe and Japan, but have now part of  American Spring. The attire of the girl has been kept a lot western style esp American with a dress and scarf and boots in trend with Spring in region.  The colour and shape of the flowers and the dress of the Girl has been interpreted them in the motifs of Mithila paintings. 

Since these are original concept of my interpretation of  the scene with the attire of girl and the shape…

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It will tear your conscience apart. I am failing at words to describe it.

Epiphany in the Cacophony

sad-alone-cute-girl-waiting-someone-window My son would never rape a woman. It is brutal, disgusting and immoral. He simply isn’t capable of such a thing. She has obviously enticed him. __________________________________________________________

She was at the club when it happened. Short black dress, tall black drink. She stood in the middle of the dance floor, moved her hips slowly. She made eye contact with him. She even smiled. He walked up to her and asked her to meet him at his car. When she declined, he grabbed her arm.
And what a scene she created! She fought, screamed and kicked. You want this, he told her as he pulled her out of the club. NO, she screamed, yelling as he dragged her to his car. You don’t know what you want, you’re drunk.

She sat alone in the parking lot a few hours later. Disgusting girl, she reeked of smoke and alcohol. What…

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